So here is what I am going to challenge you to do. I want you to write down a goal. It can be in finance, relationships, health, family. Then I want you to keep that in your wallet or purse and each day take a look at it. Now, each day, take an action toward that goal..maybe it is some book you read or an article in reference to your goal or it is a YouTube video, it doesn’t have to be too long. Keep doing this and build toward your goal. This is like going to the gym for your mind and attitude, you are building that mental muscle to achieve your goal! Share your progress if you wish to, but at the very least maintain a journal so you can see how you are progressing toward your goal. If you keep on doing this I will tell you one thing that will happen, you won’t just have one goal after a short while. So, what is it you want to do in 1 year? Don’t reply with it..write it down put it in your wallet or your purse, something you can see DAILY! You can do this!!

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