So it has been a while since I last wrote in this space. I wish I could say all is well, but lately I have been faced with some medical issues that I have more questions about than answers so far.

About 9 months ago I started to expierence an issue with a head and neck tremor episodes, these would come and go and they did happen around the time I was laid off from the job that brought me out here to South Carolina.

After a couple of months those symptoms went into remission until recently when I start to get them again along with a persistent tremor in my left hand. In addition to that, I also experience tingling and numbness in my finger tips, balance issues, and fatigue.

All of these things put together seem to indicate possible Multiple Sclerosis enough so that a doctor at a clinic I visited has referred me to have an MRI done to see if I have any brain lesions consistent with an MS diagnosis.

It is scary when you are facing a possible condition to which there is no cure for but is also not a fatal disease so it is a good news/bad news situation. I have read some things on how I can control the symptoms via healthy eating and a mental outlook on things.

It is important to note I may not have MS at all but with the symptoms that I have and what I have read, it is hard to find something else it could be. I had a CAT scan last year that ruled out stroke and tumors so nothing with those issues.

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