Walking again

This past week I started putting my feet to the pavement again. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time but lacked motivation.

The motivation to start up again came from an unlikely source, hockey. I am a HUGE Anaheim Ducks fan and they had a breakout year this season, winning the Pacific Division and capturing the #2 seed in the West. Unfortunately they faced a hot team in the Detroit Redwings and after 7 games, were beaten 4 games to 3, it sucked, it was painful, and I hate Detroit more than any other team in hockey.

I took that passion and fire and turned it into fuel. The following day, I hit the pavement. I did 2.77 miles on my first outing, 2 days later I did 4 miles, and then 2 miles and 3.26 miles to close out the first week.

I figure my Ducks will be back next year and even better with a renewed fire. A lot of the players will pick up on their off season training so this is me bonding with my team. I hate to lose and I will not lose to obesity anymore, I am mad that there are shirts and shorts that don’t fit me right at this point, but they will soon enough. Just like my Ducks will be back next year to win the Stanley Cup, I will be running a half marathon before I know it.

I have caught a fire in the belly and strong determination, I will not settle anymore!

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