My Food Plan

Well, it’s another week and last week you will recall I mentioned I would share what I have been eating to help with my weight loss.

For breakfast before work I stop by Subway and get a breakfast sandwich usually with an egg white on English Muffin, it is usually between 160-190 calories, enough to hold me over until lunch time.

For lunch I go to either Sweet Peppers Deli or Atlanta Bread. Both have great low calorie and low sodium offerings. At Atlanta Bread I like the Chicken Waldorf Sandwich. It is about 450 calories and a sodium count of 510.

Finally, there is dinner, usually this is my big meal of the day on calories and sodium. Sometimes it can be a footlong Subway Turkey Breast sandwich about 620 calories or a Chargrilled Chicken Club from Chick-fil-A about 400 calories plus side options.

Going forward, I am going to try and fix things from home to save money as I become a smart grocery shopper on healthy food.

Also I wanted to share it has now been over a week since I last had a regular Coke and 4 days since any soda at all. It has not been easy and I do get caffeine cravings here and there, but thankfully no headaches. I am also drinking between 40-48 ounces of water a day.

That is all for this week, next week I will tell you what I am doing for exercise and fitness. Have a great week!

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