Health & Fitness Reboot

Well it has been a while since I wrote about fitness. I slacked off a bit after Savannah was born and then going back to work in June. But now thanks to a new device, I have refocused on moving around more at work and eating better.

Over a week ago, I bought a FitbitOne. Was this little device is measure your steps, calories burned, and if worn in a provided wrist band to bed, measure your sleep pattern. Another cool feature is it plays nice with other fitness apps. For example, it connects with MyFitnessPal which I use to log my meals, it also connects with my Withings body scale so it has my most recent body weight and BMI numbers. Also connects with MapMyRun so whatever exercise I do on that is logged on my Fitbit.

I am really enjoying using my Fitbit One and it can easily go 4-5 days before it needs a recharge. It also is a reminder to eat healthier items, so I go to Subway over say Wendy’s.

Next week I will share some of my smarter food choices I am making. Thanks for visiting.


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