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Why Obama should lose his job.

The economy – Look, this is a no brainer. The president has not helped himself on the economy. Yes it was a bad economy he walked into, but guess who else had a terrible economy he inherited…Ronald Reagan. You didn’t hear him make excuses and blame Jimmy Carter constantly. Instead, he fixed it and 4 years later was elected in 49 states in the biggest electoral landslide. Mitt Romney has a record of turning things around from Bain to the Salt Lake City Olympics to being governor of Massachusetts. No contest, Mitt is the better candidate on the economy and turning it around.

Benghazi – This is a disaster that could have been prevented. There is now enough information out there to prove that the Obama Administration could have sent in forces to help Ambassador Stevens and the 3 others that were killed. 

He will kill small biz with ObamaCare – One of the things holding back the economy is the uncertainty of ObamaCare being implemented and the affect it will have on small and medium size businesses. While there is some good things in it, the mandates will hinder job creation and hold back employers from expanding payroll.

He’s arrogant – It was obvious in the last debate, he doesn’t like to be challenged on issues and has gotten use to the media kiss ass over the last 4 years. It has gone to his head in a major way. A nice defeat in the election would give him some nice humble pie.

Why Mitt Romney should be President

He understands how an economy works. His time at Bain he got to work with startups like Staples, Dominos Pizza, Sports Authority, and so many others. He understands free markets, something our current President has no idea of.

Will stand with Israel where Obama has not. He has been to Israel and has met with Prime Minister Netanyahu. He understands just how important an ally Israel is to us especially in that region of the world.

He’s Pro-Life! A lot has been made of Mitt Romney’s stand on abortion. Some calling him a flip-flopper. A person that has a genuine change of heart on an issue is not a flip flopper. Norma McCorvey had a change of heart too on abortion, you may know her by another name, Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade. I believe that Governor Romney had the same change of heart on the issue as she did and I have seen no example where he has believed otherwise.

He’s a man of strong faith and doesn’t hide it. I don’t share the same faith as Mitt Romney, like Paul Ryan, I am a Catholic. However, Mitt’s Mormon faith has guided him to do what is right. He has donated to charities, helped others in need. You may not know this because the Mormon faith instructs its faithful to not go around and toot their horn so to speak.

So, there you have it, these are my reasons why I think that President Obama should lose and why Mitt Romney would be a much better President of the United States.

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