Easter Weekend

Apologies for the lack of updates over the weekend. Was quite busy with a few things. I will forgo the regular time stamp updates here.

Good Friday

Around 12:30 am I updated my social network status as Lent ended Holy Thursday evening. Went to bed and had a good restful sleep.

Kristen had a 4 day Easter weekend so she spent time with Savannah while I attended the outdoor Stations of the Cross that our Hispanic Ministry puts on every Good Friday at St. James.

IMG 2468

Kristen worked the nursing home Friday evening so I couldn’t get to the Veneration of the Cross service that night. Later on in the evening I watched the Angels win their season opener over Kansas City at home. Did some reading afterward and went to bed.

Holy Saturday

Kristen let me sleep in Saturday morning and I was pleased to wake up to Serenity on SyFy so I watched that and then afterward got dressed and we had lunch at Atlanta Bread. After coming home, Kristen left to do work at the nursing home while Savannah and I watched the Cardinals and Brewers play on TV and listened to the Angels game on the iPhone via the MLB app (they lost this one).

Kristen came home and we grilled chicken on the grill on the back deck with perfect weather and had dinner. I got dressed in the suit and headed off to the Easter Vigil at St. James.

IMG 2499

Vigil was great, about 2 1/2 hours long, our priest looked tired though which is to be expected for a man his age during this time of the year. Hopefully he will get some rest this week.

Easter Sunday

Kristen went to the 10:30 Mass while I stayed home with Savannah. Once she got home we headed up to my folks for lunch and get together.

Had a good time and watched another Angels ballgame on TV (lost again). Back home we relaxed and watched TV, Celebrity Apprentice and Mad Men. More reading and then off to bed.

Was an interesting Easter this year, it was weird to not go to Mass together for the first time but by next year Savannah may be able to handle an Easter Vigil Mass length if I am a sponsor again which I hope to be.

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