Baseball Season is Here

Another reason I love the iPhone over any Android device, no obnoxious carrier branding name plate on it. 9:49 am

Saddened to hear about the sudden passing of Pastor David Foster. Loved the podcast he and his wife Paula had. 10:37 am

Love how PC users brag about the virus they just successfully removed. It doesn’t have to be that way! 12:05 pm

Getting some productive time in at Atlanta Bread. 12:39 pm

Bought Greg & Jennifer Willits new book The Catholics Next Door: Adventures in Imperfect Living, for the Kindle. 1:42 pm

Watched the Angels whoop the Dodgers 8-3! 4:31 pm

Watched and kept score on the Cards season opener. They beat Miami 4-1. 9:16 pm

Watched CSI, very creative episode tonight. 10:18 pm

Daily Scripture:

When pride comes, disgrace comes; but with the humble is wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2

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