The new iPad day

Good morning, a normal night of rest last night as Savannah’s first tooth grows in. Good sleep for all. Savannah is still sleeping so I went ahead and did my Office of Readings and all morning prayers. Going to do some reading until the iPad HD announcement at Noon. 10:25 am

Someone is awake and happy after having her bottle. 10:55 am

IMG 2209

Hey Samsung, you’ve been Appled…again! 12:56 pm

Installed the 5.1 update on the iPhone and iPad. Like that I can delete photos in photo stream now. 3:29 pm

When they arrest the leaders of the Anonymous group, these bastards should be water boarded!! 4:54 pm

The next time one of these liberal idiots want to “hush Rush”, they really need to clean up their own backyard first! 7:06 pm

Game Change is probably as accurate as an episode of GCB! Which is a polite way of saying it is total BS!! 7:08 pm

Watched Restaurant Impossible where local steakhouse Woody’s was featured, than I watched last night’s Biggest Loser. Yes, I went from a show about food to a show about weight loss. 11:51 pm

Daily Scripture:

for the LORD knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked will perish.

Psalms 1:6


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