Planking Salmon

Good morning, no doubt in my mind George Washington is the best President of all time. 10:46 am

Savannah slept in until 11am, she didn’t fall asleep until Midnight though. 11:09 am

RFK, Jr. needs to figure out if Sen. Inhofe is a prostitute like Sandra Fluke or a traitor like Benedict Arnold. 2:35 pm

Birthday dinner for mom at O’ Charley’s, I had the Planked Salmon. 4:24 pm

IMG 2265

Got home to find 4 Romney for President calls on the landline answering machine. Be happy after tomorrow night. 5:54 pm

Chicago Bears coach reminds black people to stay on the Obama plantation. 8:19 pm

Read chapter 2 of Catholicism while also watching the corresponding video “Happy are We: The Teachings of Jesus” 11:48 pm

Daily Scripture:

I hope in the LORD, I trust in his word; with him there is kindness and plenteous redemption.

Psalm 130: 5, 7

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