Indian Food in Tupelo

Good morning, back to life in Tupelo today. Miss the beach but not the long drives. 7:29 am

I downloaded MotionX Sleep on the iPhone and used it when I napped while Savannah napped. Pretty cool to see how much good sleep I am getting. 10:32 am

Tried the new Indian restaurant in town, loved it! Will be back for sure. 1:44 pm


Went up to my folks to pick up the dogs crates. Talked to my dad while mom rode the rider cutting the grass. 2:44 pm

RCIA was great, tonight’s topic was Mary. Always interesting to see how the candidates receive the topic with all the Protestant misconceptions about her. Fr. Barron did a great job though as we are using the Catholicism series this year. 10:01 pm

Daily Scripture:

A clean heart create for me, O God; give me back the joy of your salvation.

Psalm 51:12a, 14a

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