I Love Verizon

Don’t think I will ever watch a Tom Hanks movie again now that he is making a propaganda film for the Marxist in Chief. 8:33 am

Lunch at Atlanta Bread, wrote an initial review of the new iPad while there. 1:26 pm

Picked up a stylus/pen since my new iPad case has a slot for a pen. 2:07 pm


Pravda endorses Obama and why wouldn’t they, he is a Marxist after all! 2:30 pm

CNN poll shows Obama with double digit lead over Romney. You know how to spot a poll that’s BS? When it says it’s a CNN poll. 4:42 pm

Got my Being George Washington T-shirt and little journal book today. 5:46 pm

When I hear the phrase, “international action star” I think an actor who does action films that have gone direct to video in the US but yet seem to be a hit in Belgium. 5:53 pm

One obvious thing I do know after the first full day with the iPad, Verizon LTE rocks!! Next iPhone will be with Verizon for sure. 8:52 pm

Humor: New marketing campaign for JetBlue. Fly JetBlue…you never know when one of our pilots or flight attendants goes bat *bleeping* crazy!! 9:16 pm

Daily Scripture:

Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart and yield a harvest through perseverance.

Luke 8:15

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