Day of Reading, and remembering Breitbart

You’re gonna need a bigger boat! Yeah, it’s 1:15am and I’m watching Jaws. 1:15 am

According to “The Making of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Jaws'” documentary, the shooting star that appears during the night scene where Brody loads his revolver was real, not an optical effect. 1:28 am

Woke up to the sad news of Andrew Breitbart’s passing at 43. Loved his work and following him on Twitter. RIP, Andrew. 10:29 am

Pretty obvious at this point that the Democrats in Washington have only one faith belief, Obamaism! 12:28 pm

When Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America he wasn’t kidding. You think George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or Ronald Reagan would recognize this country now? What a joke we have in the White House right now! 1:08 pm

Had lunch at Chick-fil-A and got caught up on the news of the day. I like CFA, the employees are very happy and positive unlike other fast food places. 1:20 pm

I have started taking a men’s multivitamin this week. I seem to have more energy as a result or it could be I have finally kicked the cold bug for the most part. 2:25 pm

Bought 2 books from the Kindle Store today, A Biblical Walk through the Mass by Edward Sri and Indivisible by James Robison an evangelical and Jay W. Richards a Catholic convert. Both Glenn Beck and Cardinal Dolan have praised Indivisible. 3:41 pm

IMG 2183

IMG 2184


GBTV had a 30 minute documentary called 6 hours in Greece where Glenn did some touring of Athens and to see just what is going on there. Coming soon to California probably. 5:10 pm

Readability is finally out with an iOS app. Installed it on the iPhone and iPad as well as installing the Safari desktop plugin and configuring my Kindle to receive articles. Let the Instapaper vs. Readability throw down begin!! 8:27 pm

Shot a little video of Savannah getting around on her baby walker. 8:30 pm

Starting to fully utilize the Divine Office app and pray more than just once a day. Amazing how much I get get done when I give up social networking for Lent. 🙂 11:05 pm

Daily Scripture:

Though princes sit plotting against me I ponder on your rulings. Your will is my delight; your statutes are my counsellors.

Psalms 119: 23-24

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