Super Bowl Sunday

Was really tired after the big game on Sunday. Here is the Super Bowl Sunday run down.

That first reading is kind of a downer. But it gets better after that one. 9:50 am

So apparently our bishop has been in Rome, so Fr. Henry read a letter from Fr. Tom today urging us to contact the White House and Congress concerning the HHS mandate on the Church. Bravo padre! 11:45 am

It is Super Bowl Sunday, which means pitchers & catchers report in 2 weeks! 11:55 am

Had lunch at my folks place, pot roast & baked potatoes mmm! 1:55 pm

Trying to imagine what it would be like as Simon’s mother-in-law to be sick and then healed by Jesus, then waiting on them and then everyone that is sick or possessed with demons in the town shows up at your door. 2:50 pm

Who’s got 2 thumbs and a Chargers jersey and ready for the Super Bowl…this guy right here!! 5:30 pm

GO GIANTS!!! 5:30 pm

Avengers trailer…the JV team to The Justice League #DC>Marvel 6:40 pm

If I were a fan at the Super Bowl right now I would firing up the iPod instead of listening to this. #SuperBowlHalftimeShow 7:05 pm

Is Madonna lip-syncing in her native Michigan accent or her faux British one? 7:10 pm

Totally loved the Clint Eastwood Chrysler commercial, would like it better if they didn’t take our tax dollars a couple of years ago. 7:25 pm

GIANTS WIN!!!, Eli 2 Brady 0, Eli is now the best QB in the family! 8:30 pm

Hey New England maybe you should have signed Carl Crawford to be WR, oh wait. 8:35 pm

Eli, remember when you drive that Corvette to Ole Miss campus speed limit is still 18 MPH 8:40 pm

How many Mississippi State QB’s have won a Super Bowl again? 😉 8:45 pm

Bring on Angels baseball!! 9:00 pm

If you have a movie you want to film there is a good chance you can get Nicolas Cage to be in it. Seriously he will do just about any movie now. 10:00 pm


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