Sick Day #2

Good morning! Woke up with the head cold about the same and Savannah was having a tough morning on teething so no Mass today. 🙁 9:30 am

I hate onions, I guess that will disqualify me from being one of those CharactersUnite on USA people. I’m intolerant of different foods. 10:30 am

My parents are borrowing my copy of The Way. I hope they like it as much as Kristen, my brother and his girl, and I have. 11:00 am

How my head feels with this cold. 1:00 pm

Photo on 2 26 12 at 12 39 PM

Head cold and the medicine has made me a zombie today. Hated that I couldn’t go to Mass this morning. 1:22 pm

Made an appointment with Gen. Tso and his chicken to help my cold. 🙂 1:25 pm

Wonder if we will see us a race today? #JJ48 4:00 pm

Someone is having a relaxing day. 4:45 pm

IMG 2174

Daytona 500 rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Wonder how many NASCAR fans will be calling in “sick” to work? 5:00 pm

R2-D2 the most vulgar character on Star Wars, they bleeped out every word he said. 10:15 pm

IMG 2173

Watched Celebrity Apprentice and the last 30 mins of the Oscars. My Oscar picks stunk on ice this year. 10:47 pm

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