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Good morning, read scripture and a chapter of Being George Washington before going to bed. 2:45 am

Savannah woke up at 10:30 after going to bed at 11:30pm 11:00 am

Lunch at Atlanta Bread and catch up on tech news. 1:30 pm

Baylee gets a surprise visit at her school. The video will melt your heart! 1:55 pm

Republican primary voters in Florida will be using iPads, well guess that means no hanging chads. 2:10 pm

Senator Marco Rubio is working on a bill to overturn the administration’s contraception mandate. Good for him! 2:20 pm

Rolling Stone journalist says most journalists are liberal, in other news water is wet and the Pope is Catholic! 2:30 pm

115 US Bishops have now spoken out against the Obama/HHS mandate against the Church. 2:45 pm

Tuesday Tech Talk is back with a review of Day One. 3:25 pm

Bishop Latino of the Jackson Diocese has voiced his concern about the HHS mandate via a letter to them. 3:52 pm

Just an amazing video here, makes you think really. 5:35 pm

RCIA was a good class, went over Baptism and Confirmation. Everyone in the class though was baptized in another faith tradition. Picked up some wings at Lost Pizza and a FroYo at Tutti Frutti. 9:30 pm

As much as I hate to say it as a supporter of Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney is going to roll up this nomination fast. If that is the case my vote for Mitt in November would be more of an anti-Obama vote than pro-Romney 9:35 pm

Savannah was up until 11:45, we watched Once Upon a Time on the DVR before she fell asleep. Good twist! 11:55 pm


Thoughts for the Day:

We sure could use more St. John Bosco’s in this era.

I love having a productive day!

My goal for November is to help Obama find more free time to pursue his music career of covering Al Green songs.


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