Opinionated Wednesday

Rick Santorum scored a hat trick last night with wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado! Here is hoping he will at least over take Newt as the Romney alternative. 10:35 am

I’m feeling good after mixing in some running with my brisk walk on the treadmill today. I was between 3.6-4.3 MPH today. Not bad considering how much I had slacked off and the weight I had put back on. Yay me!! 1:30 pm

Enjoying a Turkey on 9 Grain at Atlanta Bread after a good workout at the gym. 1:35 pm

Catholic parish bans Girl Scout troops over ties to Planned Parenthood, good for them! 2:00 pm

You ever reach that point where you don’t care who you tick off? Yeah, that’s me! 2:45 pm

Just a heads up to everyone, between football and baseball season I tend to talk a LOT of politics and it’s an election year on top of that. 2:55 pm

Government has no authority to redefine marriage say Catholic leaders. 3:00 pm

You know you’re in Tupelo when you see this at the major intersection. 3:45 pm

IMG 2096

I wish the developers of Tweetbot made a Facebook app for iOS, I would totally use it over the hunk of garbage Facebook calls an app. 4:10 pm

I now take a break from politics to bring you this tech message, I really like Tweetbot for iPad!! 4:15 pm

Donald Trump’s hair took him hostage today, the hair is demanding he shut up and buy a brush. 8:20 pm

Round 2 at Snap Fitness, weights upper and lower and did 2 mins on the elliptical. 9:25 pm

Think I’m calling it a night, must have been a good gym workout if I’m exhausted. 🙂 Bring it on tomorrow again! 10:10 pm

Funny picture of the day, punctuation is everything.

IMG 0091

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