Fun Thursday

My goodness, little Savannah slept 12 1/2 hours! 10:30 am

EWTN has filed suit against HHS over contraception mandate. Good for them! 10:35 am

Her first car, zero emissions…unless they are from her. 😉 4:30 pm

IMG 2104

Fun afternoon, Aimee came over to sit for Savannah, I had lunch with Jeremy, and then we looked around at Best Buy (I didn’t buy anything), and then he got to see Savannah back at the house. After everyone left I went and got the baby walker out of storage and cleaned it up. She seems to like it. 4:35 pm

The Best part of waking up is…? 7:15 pm

Jokes of the Day:

A group of Texans and a bunch of New Yorkers were traveling on a train. The Texans had only one ticket for all of them, while the New Yorkers, who had a ticket each, were busy having a good laugh about what would happen when the conductor came around. Then they heard the voice of the conductor in the next car. The Texans all dashed to the nearest toilet and stayed there till the conductor knocked on its door and said “Ticket please.” A hand duly popped out with a ticket and the conductor went on to the next car. The Texans then returned to the compartment where the much impressed New Yorkers were waiting.

On the return journey, the New Yorkers bought just a single ticket for the lot of them while the Texans didn’t have any ticket. When they heard the conductor nearby, the two groups rushed to toilets at the opposite ends of the car.

But just before the conductor passed by, one Texan went to the New Yorkers’ toilet, rapped on the door and said “Ticket please.”


My friend used to think that onions were the only food that could make you cry, but then I hit him in the face with a watermelon.

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