Friday Night Fun

Woke up to news that Susan G. Komen Foundation caved to Planned Parenthood on grant money, then read a good article on CatholicVote which calmed me down a bit. It seems Komen is trying to appease both sides which you can’t do really. 11:30 am

So Google is going to start censoring blogs in certain countries *cough* China *cough* for those that use its Blogger service. Remember when Google had a company motto of “Don’t be Evil”? 12:15 pm

Just watched Demographic Winter on EWTN. Interesting theories proposed about the current economic decline and how it relates to declining birth rate.1:00 pm

Can you believe people still use radio to listen to music? How archaic! 2:20 pm

Marcel Ledbetter Moving Company, a classic from the late great Jerry Clower of Liberty, MS. I grew up listening to his 8 tracks and now he is on Spotify.2:40 pm

Nancy Pelosi continues to live in her own little world of self delusion. 7:15 pm

Just saw the preview for next week’s NCIS, oh hell no you better not kill off Gibbs! 7:30 pm

Even Rick Santorum is Tebowing! 7:35 pm

IMG 0088

Apple clarified its iBooks Author policy to where it doesn’t claim ownership to your content. Good deal, now I can write my memoir. 7:40 pm

Hey Facebook, how about fixing your iPad app so I can actually post a photo without crashing the app? 8:30 pm

Bacon Milkshake…God Bless America! 8:35 pm

Watched Grimm and Portlandia. Love how Portlandia lampoons hippies! 9:30 pm

How are you spending your Friday night? 10:00 pm

IMG 2072

Went to the gym did some lower body weightlifting then Subway after. That’s how I roll on a Friday night! 10:30 pm


Luke 9:23 
Then he said to all, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.

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