First Friday of Lent

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the late update, BlueHost was updating my server last night.

Good morning, we woke up at 8am today. It’s Savannah’s world and I just sleep on her schedule right now. 8:20 am

Mac & Cheese for a meatless Friday lunch. 1:00 pm

IMG 2171

Funny Chevy Volt parody ad. 2:20 pm

Microsoft dumping Zune and Live branding in Windows 8. 4:15 pm

Clear app sales 350K copies in 9 days. 4:20 pm

Watched the audio commentary of The Way. Fun to listen to Emilio and Martin talk about the behind the scenes stuff with Co-Producer David Alexanian. 5:30 pm

Kristen brought home Cracker Barrel for dinner, I had catfish and she had cod. 6:30 pm

Took a 2 hour nap after taking some Tylenol cold medicine, feeling something coming on so trying to get ahead of it early. 10:00 pm

Watched Portlandia and Blue Bloods. 11:30 pm

Daily Scripture:

Be eager to present yourself as acceptable to God, a workman who causes no disgrace, imparting the word of truth without deviation.

2 Timothy 2:15

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