Fat Tuesday

With regards to Jeremy Lin, it’s not that he is an Asian-American player in the NBA, its that wow Harvard actually produced NBA talent that impressed me. 12:20 pm

Was great to see Adam Wainwright in Cardinals camp yesterday. They still have the best pitching in the NL, probably better than the Phils. Here is hoping for a Cards-Halos World Series. 12:35 pm

Heck yeah!! Patriotic without apology!! 1:20 pm

So I decided to give up social networking for Lent. After today you will only see me on Sunday’s and after Easter. I look forward to reading a lot of books during Lent. 1:45 pm

Just found out The Netherlands was the first country to officially recognize the United States as a country. God bless the Dutch!! 3:45 pm

Watching Glenn on GBTV. Talking about how the price of gas effects things like the cost of bread among other things. 4:30 pm

From Jeff Miller of The Curt Jester: Lent is “fast” approaching – my annual pre-Lenten pun 4:40 pm

I wonder if Tuesday is feeling offended by being called Fat today? 4:45 pm

Great RCIA tonight. Topic was Holy Orders so Fr. Tom lead the discussion and took some Q&A. Found out he has run 5 marathons, his first at age 46. 9:45 pm

Less than 2 hours until Midnight, I need a good cheeseburger!! 10:15 pm


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