Day of Reading

Using a countdown app, I found out Savannah and I were both born on a Wednesday. 4:15 am

I can’t wait to see Act of Valor 10:25 am

Listening to Classical music while reading Being George Washington, really helps putting me into more of the time period. Without the cold weather, bloody injuries and amputations that occurred during the Revolutionary War. Up to chapter five.  2:10 pm

Man claims to be new manager at a Denny’s in order to get a free meal. Least he was a creative thief. 2:40 pm

Yay! Spotify will soon support gapless playback! 2:50 pm

Had a productive time at Atlanta Bread. Read more of Being George Washington and my Google Reader news feeds via Reeder on the MacBook. 4:00 pm

I was going to watch the Republican debate last night until I realized it was on CNN. 4:05 pm

Perfect day of weather today, too bad it is dropping 20° tomorrow. 6:10 pm


The Way arrived from Amazon today. 6:15 pm


Disappointed another “Catholic” governor is going to sign gay marriage into law. Talking about you Martin O’Malley! Can we call them CINO’s? (Catholic In Name Only) 7:10 pm

Nancy Pelosi continues to prove to be an uneducated heretic! 7:20 pm

Jon Huntsman says it is time for a third party movement, Amen! 7:25 pm

Went on a 1.5 mile walk in the neighborhood. Listened to The Way soundtrack on Spotify on the iPhone while on it. 10:00 pm

Daily Scripture:

Then he said to all, “If anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. What profit is there for one to gain the whole world yet lose or forfeit himself?”

Luke 9: 23-25

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