Day of Doubts

Our oldest girl is wanting extra attention. 1:10 am

IMG 2082

This may be the best candidate come November at this point. 7:00 am

IMG 2092

Our little cheerleader. 11:05 am

IMG 2089

There are just some opinions of mine I shouldn’t share on Facebook for fear of my own safety. 1:45 pm

When man starts to defy God by passing laws contrary to His, they do so at their own peril. 1:55 pm

Anyone else feel this country is in a period of darkness both spiritually and morally? Have to admit I have never been this depressed on the outlook for America. Almost to the point where I hope for a civil war. 2:00 pm

Sleep time 3:10 pm

IMG 2091

No surprise the Federal 9th Circuit Court has overruled the will of the people of CA on what the definition of marriage is. Next stop, US Supreme Court. Glad I no longer live in California. 4:25 pm

Buffalo Wild Wings testing iPad’s for faster ordering. 5:15 pm

Watching It’s a Wonderful NCIS Life. Who knew Palmer does P90X? 7:30 pm

Love getting an email about how I can lower my car payment. Happy to say I have always bought used and in full. 🙂 As Dave Ramsey says if you buy a new car take a bunch of $20 bills with you and toss them out the window as you drive off the dealership lot, that is how much a new car depreciates in value. 8:30 pm

Looks like Santorum is going 3 for 3 tonight, wins in Missouri, Minnesota, and maybe Colorado. 9:45 pm

Quote of the Day:

From The Curt Jester: So Microsoft has just released a child-friendly version of Internet Explorer, if only they released a web programmer friendly version.

Scripture Reading:

James 4:7
So submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

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