Apple hits 500

I bought Apple at 60, today it crossed the 500 mark! I love capitalism!! 9:10 am

So until last night (Sunday), I had only heard about Adele, but I love the fact that someone doesn’t have to be a size 4 in the industry to be successful! You go girl!! 9:20 am

Playing around with Instagram 10:00 am

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Those DJ brothers that think iPhone and Android are “toys”, won’t like this. 10:45 am

For those that missed my update last night, the family and I are visiting L.A. and Seattle in June. Kristen hasn’t seen her beloved Seattle in 9 years. I was last in L.A. in ’07. Can’t wait to see family & friends! 11:10 am

But I thought the Democrats were for poor people? 12:00 pm

So true! 4:10 pm

IMG 2136


HA! 4:10 pm

IMG 2133

Could not be happier to see who got voted off Biggest Loser last week. What an annoying drama queen! 8:20 pm

While we are in L.A. I really want to go to Mass at the Cathedral one day. 9:00 pm

The Justice League would wipe out The Avengers! There I said it! DC Rules, Marvel sucks!! 11:00 pm

Pod style hotel rooms in Honk Kong for $30 a night? Looks kind of creepy to me. 11:45 pm

Daily Scripture:

They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to the communal life, to the breaking of the bread and to the prayers.

Acts 2:42

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