Walking in Memphis

Been a fun day today. Started off the morning watching the pilot episode of “Grimm” on Hulu Plus. Like “Once Upon a Time”, it has a similarity to fairy tales and modern times but that is where the similarities end. Can’t wait to see the second episode.

After that, I got dressed and we headed to Memphis for the day for a city fix.

We had lunch at Chipotle which was Savannah’s first visit to one. I think she liked it even though she couldn’t eat anything there.


After that we went to a nearby church for confession, it had been a while for both of us. We took turns going in while one of us stayed with Savannah in the car.

Afterwards, we visited the Apple Store in Germantown where I bought a bumper for my iPhone which I have been wanting to get for a while.


We didn’t stick around there long enough to show Savannah all the cool toys Apple makes though, just too busy in there.

We then headed over to Whole Foods for some light grocery shopping.


Before checking out, I grabbed a slice of veggie pizza and a can of 365 soda for dinner on the way home.


At this point Savannah was zonked out so here we are in the car headed home. It was nice to get out of Tupelo for the day and do something fun.

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