The Bishops Strike Back

Just realized I have been streaming Spotify for like 16 hours straight and didn’t no it cause the sound was muted. Comcast must really love me and Spotify now thinks I am a big Andrea Bocelli fan, lol. 4:15 am

Google is implementing a new Privacy Policy and Terms of Service effective March 1. Here is the overview and the policy and ToS. 11:45 am

Spent the morning watching the Glenn Beck radio show. He had Rick Santorum on with an update on Bella, she is doing better and should be out of ICU today, Rick is headed back out on the campaign trail. 12:05 pm

Spent afternoon organizing Savannah’s photos into monthly albums in iPhoto which I can then upload to Facebook, Picasa, etc. 1:50 pm

Once again Fr. Barron hits it out of the park when it comes to the Obama Administration attempting to force the health care mandate on the Church. 4:15 pm

Glenn had Bill Donahue on the TV show along with Rabbi Daniel Lapin, and Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake, TX. to discuss the US Bishops united front in opposition to the HHS Contraception mandate on the Church. Nice to see members of the Evangelical and Jewish community backing the bishops on this issue. 5:15 pm

I declare February as Fit-Feb for me…29 straight days of exercise…no excuses! 9:50 pm

Watched the 2 hour series finale of Chuck. Thought it was only best to do so on a Monday night. 11:12 pm

Clippers beat the Seattle Sonic-Thunder of Oklahoma City. LobCity!! 11:59 pm

Thoughts for the day:

Who needs TGI Fridays when you have Buffalo Wild Wings?


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