Reading and the Story of Ben Breedlove

Up to chapter 3 of Being George Washington. 12:45 am

Read Let us now Praise Private Equity by Reihan Salam in National Review 2/6 edition. A defense of Mitt Romney and his time at Bain but also a forecast into what lies ahead in our economy. 1:50 am

Watching Grimm on Hulu Plus. Really good show but not for kids, kind of like Supernatural meets Once Upon a Time 1:30 pm

Former Apple exec and Palm chief Jon Rubinstein has left HP. 2:20 pm

Inspiring video from a young man named Ben Breedlove who was born with a heart condition and died on Christmas Day. Before he died, he recorded a moving video of his near death experience and how he became a believer in God. The video is in 2 parts.

Finally wanted to share a video I took of Savannah crawling today.



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