Politics and 1984

Did some more fun action videos outside with my nephew who is visiting. Decided to restore the iPhone for the fun of it. Beautiful day out! 1:00 pm

Kristen, Savannah, and I went to my Godson’s birthday at the Skate Zone. Stayed for a bit and got to see him blow out his #7 candle and had cake. Savannah got some cool glow sticks. 5:20 pm

iPhone restore is complete. Lot more free space now with all the music in the cloud. 5:55 pm

Herman Cain endorsed Newt Gingrich. How is it that Newt being the Woodrow Wilson and FDR lover gets the conservative badge and Rick Santorum gets ignored? Frustrating!! 9:15 pm

Watched 1984 on Netflix…wow…I think I need a pick me up program after that…so I’m watching Grimm now. 🙂 11:57 pm

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