Google & Government

11:13 am Savannah slept 12 hours last night.

11:23 am Remember how I said Savannah will stop what she is doing when the NCIS theme song starts and she looks at the TV? She now does the same with The Big Bang Theory.

2:34 pm Hanging out at the horse trail parking lot off Natchez Trace reading Being George Washington on the iPad in my truck.

IMG 2034

3:55 pm So we are losing Delta here in Tupelo and the airport is taking bids from 4 airlines to replace them, 2 of the airlines are paper only airlines and the other 2 are 9 seat planes. Think I’ll just go to Memphis or Nashville to fly out.

5:12 pm As big of a fan I am with Google, their cozy relationship with the government freaks me out a bit.

5:20 pm One of my Tweets was shown on GBTV today.

IMG 2038

8:39 pm Remember when we had a country where the Jersey Shore was something geographical and airport security didn’t treat us all as suspects and we had a president that respected the Constitution?

8:50 pm Not my candidate, but Ron Paul is rock solid pro-life!

9:45 pm Watching Marg Helgenberger’s finale on CSI. So long Catherine Willows!

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