Day One

Updates for Tuesday, January 24th

2:52 pm Prince Fielder signed with the Tigers. $214 million/9 years.

4:00 pm With Prince Fielder going to Detroit, the American League will once again be the superior league just as it should be. 😉

6:30 pm Downloading Day One after Scott Bilik mentioned it as a possible tool for daily blogging.

9:30 pm Back from RCIA, great discussion on the seven sacraments.

10:50 pm If you are a Mac and and iOS user and want to maintain a daily log of thoughts, notes, personal journal, than I highly recommend Day One. It uses iCloud to sync what ever you write on the desktop and iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Thanks Scott!

10:55 pm Is it just me, or is Facebook being wacky on comments not showing up sometimes tonight?

11:15 pm Time to unplug, maybe when I wake up FB will have the bugs worked out. Goodnight!

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