Baby Talk

Decided I would try something similar that Scott Bilik does and gather my status updates throughout the day into a single daily blog post recap. So here goes!

Finally watched Moneyball, did you know that during the A’s 20 game win streak that year the Angels won 16 out of 20 on the way to a World Series title with a payroll just a bit bigger than Oakland’s? Oakland and Minnesota $40 million, Angels $62 million and the Yankees $126 million. The Angels destroyed the Yankees in the ALDS and Oakland lost to Minnesota. One could argue the real moneyball story should have been the Angels but Bill Stoneman didn’t write a book.

Most famous movie director in Iran…Michael Moore. Makes sense they have a common enemy, America.

Warren Buffett, smart investor, but completely wrong when it comes to politics!

Guns, ammo, and Twinkies…these are the things you should load up on in the event of a zombie apocalypse! Oh yeah and work on your cardio!

Watching +Cliff Ravenscraft‘s live feed on my iPad and with chat window up too! How cool is that? #PostPCEra

So True



Looking forward to getting an iPhone 5 this year.

Verizon to require all future smartphones to be 4G capable.

This might be what I’m looking for in the event the girls get loose again.

Loc8tor Pet GPS system

Savannah says dada in baby talk

Baby talk #1 (mp3)

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