Christmas 2011

What a great day! We are down in southern Mississippi visiting Kristen’s family for Christmas. Yesterday we went to the Christmas Vigil Mass in Hattiesburg and had a great dinner at my sister-in-law’s home with her family.

Today we woke up about 7am but the rest of the family didn’t arrive at Kristen’s folks until about 11:30 so we took a nap until about 11. Once they arrived we opened our gifts and we got a nice Pope John Paul II photo book.

Savannah really made out! She got several books from Santa and clothes from family and she looked very festive today.

After the gifts opening, we had lunch which included ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes, white corn, and biscuits. Very delicious!! Then came the food coma, everyone but me took a nap, felt strange being the only one up but I passed the time by watching Vegas Vacation on Comedy Central. Everyone woke up including Savannah and we then watched the Packers beat the Bears. Savannah changed for the game too.

After the game Kristen’s parents turned in for the evening and I spent some time playing with Savannah and taking pictures while Kristen caught up on Facebook.


Savannah went to sleep and Kristen followed and then I watched the Clippers beat Golden State on NBA opening day. Very exciting, Clippers look really good this year.

One more thing I wanted to share is a gift for us my mother-in-law made. Knowing how much of an Angels fan I am she put her creativity to use and made this, I love it!


Tomorrow we head back home where our dogs will be very excited to see us no doubt. Thanks to Aimee our good friend for looking after them while we were away. We will be getting together with my family tomorrow evening for more Christmas giving. It has been a great few days. More updates in a few days.

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