Family Living Weekly #1

Hello everybody and welcome to a re-launch of Balanced Life Weekly but under a new banner. Life has changed a lot for me since the last time I wrote a BLW and for the better!


With our new blessing in our life, it has been hard to sit down and write a weekly blog. So going forward this blog could come out anytime of the week but no later than Friday afternoon.

So what will change here? Just a few things, for one this will no longer be a blog just about me, it will be about family life and our goals and accomplishments. I will still have updates on my fitness and health of course, but it will probably be more of a diary form of blogging than a theme like Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, etc. Similar to how my friend Jeremy writes his Running with Jeremy blog.

Regarding the health front, I have not been good on either getting to the gym or eating right. As a result I have put about 9 pounds back on, but I have a 5K coming up on October 1 so starting Monday, it is back into the routine of things, a new month with new goals. My wife and I will be taking turns going to the gym while one of us stays home with Savannah. We can get this done together, it is important to have a workout partner spouse, friend, etc., to keep you focused and motivate each other. I see my wife every day so that will help.

Well, I just wanted to get this post out and let you all know of the new name. Feel free to give me any feedback in the comments section. See you all next week!

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