Balanced Life Weekly #55

Hello everybody and welcome to another edition of Balanced Life Weekly. I think the theme of today’s post is going to be catch up as it seems it is the thing I have struggled with in terms of both fitness and eating healthy. So let’s dive right in.

Health and Fitness

So for whatever the reason I just have struggled with not getting to the gym lately. I think I have had this mind set that after I ran my 5K I let myself “take a break” which is Ok I guess but the problem was I didn’t keep my calories in check while I wasn’t working out. The long and the short of it is as of this week, I am getting back into the grind, time to watch the calories and start going to the gym again. Here is Mississippi it has been really hot the last 2 weeks so getting out in the neighborhood and doing to walk/run is out of the question so it is going to be the gym for the summer months.

With all that being said I made good on my promise of last week and got back on the scale and despite my laziness, I only gained 1.3 pounds which surprised me cause I have been terrible on exercising and eating for more than a week. But I have to get back to that goal of losing pounds and not gaining any. I have a goal weight I want to reach by the end of the year and with a baby on the way via adoption, health and fitness is even more important than before.

Adoption Update

This past Monday we had our meeting with the birth-mom, she is very nice and she thought the same of us, it basically went as well as we expected it to go. We both have good questions for each other and have a great understanding of each other and any concerns either side had were positively answered. I wish I could be more specific than that but adoption is a delicate situation so I hope you will excuse my vague explanations for now. Let’s just say in 2-3 weeks we should have some exciting news!

Wealthy and Wise

The job search has taken a back seat for now with the adoption news I would hate to take a job and then need time off for the adoption process, but we are doing good at this point where it is not a concern, however I still desire to have a job just to have a little extra. I have been in discussions with the local computer store that just became an Apple reseller but it seems talking to the main guy in charge has been well challenging I guess you could say.

I do continue to love reading my Kindle. I read the Austin American-Statesman newspaper on it as it is delivered to my Kindle daily. Even though I am not a citizen of Texas, it is interesting how another state operates differently than your own. I also bought a book about Texas this week, it was not available for the Kindle and for good reason, it is a book full of photos and maps, but it has a great deal of Texas history in it. I don’t know why Texas fascinates me so much, maybe it is the rugged individualism of it that stands it apart from other states. Will we live there someday? Who knows, right now though I still see ourselves in Mississippi for the next 5-6 years. If there is a time to make the move though it would be before our future little girl starts elementary school, the thought of tearing her away from friends and moving after elementary school would make me sad. When I grew up I had stability and stayed in the same house from K-College.

Well, I think that is going to do it for this edition of Balanced Life Weekly. I am hoping to get back into the normal pace of this blog going forward despite the fact that I will have to find a new home to write my blog, my beloved Joe Joe’s closed down for good on Friday so I may be blogging from different locations until I find a place that fits me. Today that place is Atlanta Bread, we will see what tomorrow brings. Take care and God Bless!

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