Balanced Life Weekly #52

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Balanced Life Weekly. I really have nothing pre-planned this week so I will just start on the health and fitness side first.

Health & Fitness

This past week I took a week long rest from activity due to some lower back pain. So on Monday night I got back on track and did a combination walk/run 5K in the neighborhood. I used the Nike+ GPS app which is actually free right now for a limited time. It pretty much does the same things RunKeeper does and it will allow you to control your music directly from their app. I ran both though just so I can maintain my RunKeeper activities updated.

I am now about 10 days from running my first 5K on 6/4, I am really excited and looking forward to it and have decided to not get so focused on beating a certain time (although finishing at 45 mins would be nice.), my mind set is to just have a fun time at my first 5K and since Jeremy will be running it with me and my wife cheering me on, that just makes it that much funner.

For this week I am still at 22 pounds lost, I went down to 23 then back up to 22 pounds but I do continue to lose fat and gain lean muscle so this may have a lot to do with the fluctuation. But drinking water and watching sodium has helped me a lot in the losing body fat area.


I continue to love reading my Kindle. I read many books and and have a subscription to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper to catch up on news in Austin, TX a place my wife and I will be visiting soon. Once I pick it up, I can’t put it down for hours which I must admit has lead to some long late night hours at times, but with the Fall TV season coming to a conclusion, I will have more prime time, time to read and get to bed earlier.

Well, that is all I really have this week. Talk to you all next week for another update on living a more balanced life. God Bless!

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