Balanced Life Weekly #50

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Balanced Life Weekly. Got quite a few things to discuss today and I think this is going to be more of a health and fitness post today.

Watching Others Run

I am finding it to be very inspiring to see other people run or walk a 5 or 10K. On Saturday I was up in Corinth to see my friend Jeremy and his sister Chiquita each do a 10K their own way. This was Jeremy’s second run following his 5K last month in Jackson, TN. I got to see them both start off when the race began in downtown Corinth and I headed over to the finish line where they had a live band playing on stage and free cola as Coca Cola is the sponsor of the 10K. Jeremy finished at a great time and if you want to read about his experience, you can read his post about it here. Then we watched his sister finish as well. She had a great walking time for the 10K and I am proud of both of them. See the others run was inspiring, they had young and old running. One of the funniest things I saw was a guy wearing a Bob’s Big Boy shirt and carrying a burger above his head like the Big Boy does in the statue.


After the race, we stayed for the award ceremony and we headed back to his house where I talked for a bit and then headed back home to get ready for Mother’s Day dinner as mom wanted to have her dinner on Saturday. We had a great time but I had way too much salty food. I think I myself walked at least 2 miles around Corinth that day so I logged it in my RunKeeper and Lose It profiles.

Battle with the Food

I have learned one thing these past few days, it is not just calories that help with weight loss, but sodium is your enemy as well. I have more fries the last few days than I should have. So no more of that and also cutting out the soda of any stripe regular or diet and no sweet tea either. So lots of regular tea and water. I am enjoying an Earl Grey iced tea as I write this at Joe Joe’s as a matter of fact. Luckily it has not caused huge weight gains just a pound and a half really, but 0.3 pounds there 0.2 here, and things add up for the week. Luckily it is easy to burn off 2 pounds rather quickly if I do the things I should be doing and get my exercise in on a regular basis which I am doing.

Withings Scale Update

I am still loving my new Withings Scale and love how I can look at the numbers on the go with my iPhone and iPad as well as on my MacBook with their website. It helps me to identify what needs to be worked on (fat vs lean pounds). I am Ok gaining weight if it is lean muscle going up and fat going down. But for the last week lean has been flat and the fat has gone up. This scale has been one of the best investments I have made right up there with my Brooks running shoes.

Running & Exercise

So far in May I have walked or ran about 13 miles. I hope to hit 50 total. I had a great 5K on Monday finishing it in about 46 minutes. I hope to finish the Running with the King 5K in under 40 minutes on 6/4. I’m also doing weight toning on my non-walk/run days mostly lower body so I can strengthen my legs for the run.

Well, that is going to do it for this edition of Balanced Life Weekly. I can’t believe this is post #50! Just seems like yesterday I started to write about this topic. Hope you all have enjoyed reading it and hope it has inspired you in your own life goals. See you next week and God Bless!

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