Balanced Life Weekly #49

Hey everyone and welcome to another edition of Balanced Life Weekly! I got a lot of things I want to share this week so let’s dive in.

Withings Scale and Weight Loss

You may recall last week how I mentioned I ordered a Withings Scale. Well, yesterday it arrived via FedEx and I LOVE it! The setup was quick and was able to enable it to share to Lose It and RunKeeper in a snap. I also enabled it to my Google Health profile as well. I was so excited after it came that I got into my minimal clothing and weighed in after setting it up. But today I weighed in the proper way, after waking up and using the restroom and before eating. The result is I lost 2.5 pounds since last week so I am very close to being under the 240 mark for the first time in a long, long time!  Another thing I like about the scale is it measures BMI, body fat, and muscle mass. It will auto detect different users so if my wife ever wanted to use it, it can detect me from her. It also has an app for the iPhone and iPad to monitor your numbers in addition to just using their website and viewing your numbers from any web browser.

Running Shoes

Another big step in fitness is both my wife and I got a new pair of running shoes. We went up to Memphis on Saturday as I had to get my MacBook top cover and keyboard replaced under my AppleCare. Since we were there, we visited Fleet Feet Sports which is where my friend Jeremy bought his running shoes.

We were greeted by a great rep named Feb, he asked us a few questions just to get a sense of our recent fitness exercise and our goals. We had our feet measured and was glad I did cause I was wearing a shoe 1 size too small. Feb brought out a test pair of Nike’s for us to try on and then we each used their treadmill there, they have a camera that monitors your foot form as you hit the treadmill to get an idea of the proper shoe. In my case, I needed inner support where my wife has perfect form which according to Feb, only 12% of the population have where I am more of the 88%.

So he brought out 2 pairs of shoes for each of us, in my case it was a pair of Nike’s and a pair of Brooks. We tried each one and I did a light jog outside of their building to get a feel and then wore one of each shoe and the Brooks won out. It was lighter than the Nike and felt like it was part of my foot. My wife had a similar experience with her Asics over the pair of Brooks she tried on.

So we bought our shoes and I tried mine later that night on the treadmill at the gym and wow, what a pain and I managed to do 3.05 miles in 45 minutes. Yesterday I put them on and walked to our polling place about a third of the mile up the road and back. I used to swear by New Balance, but not anymore..I am a Brooks guy and my wife loves her Asics.

Running Update

This week I signed up for the Running with the King 5K here in Tupelo on 6/4 (30 days from today). On Saturday I am going up to Corinth to see Jeremy run the Coke 10K. This will be his second race but his first 10K and he has been working hard on training for it, he is going to do great! He is also running the 5K with me in June.

Well, that is going to do it for this week. See you all next week and see if I lost that last pound to get the Kindle my wife is getting for me when I hit the 22 pound mark. Have a great week and God Bless!

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