Balanced Life Weekly #48

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Balanced Life Weekly. It has been an interesting week so far as it has for many living in the South. Before I get into things, I want to thank all of those on Facebook and Twitter who were praying for us with yesterday’s weather. They mean so much to me and my family as well as the entire region. Now let’s get right into things.

Health & Fitness

This week I did a 5K and then some on the treadmill on Tuesday. I did 3.26 miles and burned 605 calories in the process. This week I did lose another 0.8 pounds. Previous weeks I have been complaining about not enough weight coming off but as long as I am losing, I am Ok with the 1 pound loss per week instead of the 2. I am in no race to hit my goal weight and when it happens it will happen. What matters most is even with the 19 pounds I have lost so far, I am feeling a lot better. I used to have to take a Tums before bed and since being more selective of what I eat, I have not needed to touch a Tums. A lot of this is that I don’t eat right before going to bed like I used to. If I do eat something late, it is usually something light say like baby carrots with hummus.

Withings Scale

Well, I did it! I finally ordered my Withings Scale and it should be here by early next week. For those that don’t know, the Withings Scale measures not just body fat, but muscle mass as well. It also is a WiFi scale which you can sync to sites like LoseIt to track your weight automatically. They also offer mobile apps so you can see your progress as well as body fat, muscle mass, etc. It is a pretty awesome scale and after hearing Cliff Ravenscraft rave about his, I had to get one myself.

So, with next week’s Balanced Life Weekly, my weight tracking will be done via the Withings Scale. Can’t wait!

Tornado Aftermath

Today, I am reflecting back on the events of yesterday. I knew once I woke up, that it was going to be a day like no other. I spent the day in front of my TV glued to WTVA and Chief Meteorologist Matt Laubhan giving great and timely information about where the circulations were and where they were projected to head. Luckily, Tupelo threaded the needle this time around, but another communities were not as lucky. Towns like Smithville and Wren took heavy damage and that is just in Mississippi. The greater damage occurred in our neighboring state of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. As of this writing the reports are 131 deaths in Alabama and 32 in Mississippi with a good majority of the Mississippi deaths in Smithville. For a point of reference, Smithville is about 35 miles southeast of Tupelo.

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This was a house in Smithville

Well, that is going to do it for this edition of Balanced Life Weekly. Hopefully next week it will return to a sense of normalcy in the region. I think we have seen enough tornados in April so hopefully May will be kind to us. Take care and God Bless!

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