Balanced Life Weekly #47

Howdy everyone and welcome to another update of my pursuit of a balanced life. A few things to share this week of interest. I have also decided to scrap the Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise segments of my blog and just blog and categorize based on the events of the past week.

Health and Fitness Update

As always, I am leading off with my health and fitness update. As you saw over the weekend here, I have started my official 5K training program. Over the next 6 weeks, this training schedule will have me all set for my 5K on June 4th at the Running with the King as part of the Elvis Festival here in town. I will be running the 5K with my friend Jeremy who has one 5K already under his belt.

So the weight update this week is not as much as I would hope for but I did manage to lose 1 pound this week which put me at a new record for my weight loss. Next week I want to lose 2 pounds so I will make sure my workouts are more at my target heart rate. It does seem that having a huge surplus of calories was not a good thing previously, so I was only under 1,100 this past week and I had some weight loss so lesson learned.

Home Life

So on Saturday while Kristen was at the gym, a little dog/older puppy came to our doorstep. She has no collar and we have placed posters around, but no claims on her yet. If no one claims her, Kristen’s little sister will adopt it. We have Angel & Dixie and that is more than enough for us.

(L-R) Angel, Dixie, and Lucky Lucy as we are calling her.

She is getting along good with the other 2 considering Dixie is very territorial, but as long as the little one doesn’t get near Dixie’s food while Dixie is eating, then everything is cool.

We had planned on going to Oxford on Saturday, but after taking in the pup, we stayed local and ate at Fairpark Grill where I had my favorite dish there, Bayou Chicken. It is 2 chicken breasts (skinless and boneless) over mashed potatoes with shrimp and sauce poured over them lightly. I would say the potatoes are about a cup to a cup and a half so not too bad for a dinner which is generally the biggest portion of my calorie intake for the day. After which we went to Kroger and got groceries for the week.

Well, that is what I have going on this week. Come back next week for another update both on my fitness and if we find a home for little Lucy. Take care!


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