Balanced Life Weekly #45

Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Balanced Life Weekly. I have quite a few things to share this week mostly in the health area.


This past week was a return to a normal routine, no trips out of town so I was able to control my calories better and stick to my workout routine. As a result, I lost 1.6 pounds this week giving me a total of 16.6 pounds lost!

I did 3 straight days of cardio workouts both at the fitness center and in the neighborhood. What I need to do is get back into the habit of muscle toning exercise. True they don’t burn off as much calories and pounds as a cardio exercise, but toning is important and doesn’t take that long to do, about 30 minutes per session.

Another thing I have done is when going to Subway, I now get my favorite sandwich in the form of a salad which at Subway they can do that for you, so you are cutting out all the carbs in the bread. Skip the croutons to save another 60 calories as well. I usually get the fat free Italian dressing which is just 25 calories per packet. Mayonnaise is your enemy so I stay away from their tuna salads. I prefer a roasted chicken or turkey club salad.

I am also finding that I am not a red meat eater anymore, I still will have a steak, but that is maybe once a month. I do fine with chicken and fish as my protein source. Not sure if I will ever be a vegan though, I could never give up chicken and fish. If Jesus ate fish, it can’t be a bad thing is my rule.

Wealthy & Wise

This past week, I have dived into the world of Seth Godin. I heard his name a lot at PodCamp Nashville and Dan Miller mentioned him on his podcast, so I have been reading his latest work, “Poke the Box” on my iPad. People like Seth and Dan totally get it in terms of how the dynamics of a job are changing. As social media evolves, more people are leaving the traditional cog in a wheel, soul sucking jobs and becoming entrepreneurs and successful ones at that, I would point to people like Cliff Ravenscraft who quit his job in the family insurance business to build up his GSPN network of podcasts and help others start their own podcasts via Podcast Answer Man.

Why are unions and huge corporations freaking out these days? Because people are doing their own thing in a country that allows you to make your dreams come true. The power they both once held, is greatly diminished. I was reading in Dan’s book, No More Dreaded Mondays, that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is now predicting that 50% of the jobs we will have in the next ten years have not yet been created. It also says that in another 5 years that only 50% of the American workforce will be employees. Think about that…50% of today’s workforce are going to say, “The heck with this, I’m going to do my own thing!”

So dare to dream cause this is a great time to do so. Why rent out your talents to some company that only benefits them, use your talents for your own benefit. I consider using your talents in a company longterm about as useless as renting a house for 20 years. What kind of equity do you get in either? Have you looked at your 401K or pension plans lately? How is that working out for you? Take control of your own financial destiny!

That is just my 2 cents, I used to work in a soul sucking job myself up until July of last year and I was not happy, I would come home angry and cynical at the world. Boy how that is changed now! Not saying that company or job was bad, but it was not made for me, it may be great for someone else though.

I want to leave you with a quote from Seth Godin from his book Poke the Box, “Human nature is to need a map. If you’re brave enough to draw one, people will follow.”

Go create something and God Bless!

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