A new journey

So a few twists and turns in life has brought me to South Carolina. To follow my progress check out my new site




A new journey

So a few twists and turns in life has brought me to South Carolina. To follow my progress check out my new site




Back to Work in 2014

Day started off interesting. Got to work and lost power in the area for an hour. Back up now and getting stuff done.

Very busy day at work with 2 1/2 days off this week, this was like the first full working day of the week I have had.

Kind of took the first step today to leaving Facebook


Came home and had fun with the girls and talked to Kristen about our day.

More football tonight, this time Oklahoma vs. Alabama…going with the Sooners on this one.

CBS will carry AFC playoff games online this postseason providing you don’t live in a market that is blacked out

Got a kick out of this story of a 90 year old Ohio man standing up to a would be robber, with his own firearm.

See ya’ tomorrow!

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Happy New Year!

I thought I would resume journaling again since it is the new year. I stayed up until about 1am last night but just couldn’t stay up until 2 to wish my west coast friends and family a Happy New Year..I did that this morning.

Had breakfast with the family at Cracker Barrel. I was craving pancakes and I got my fill of them yum yum!!

Came home and relaxed for the most part, watched a Magnum, PI marathon on Encore funny to see how short shorts were back then. Watched a couple of episodes of NCIS on USA before watching the last part of the Rose Bowl. Congratulations Michigan State on winning that. Kristen got Savannah down and I got Sarah down for the night. Back to work in the morning.

Back tomorrow.


Tupelo Strong

It has been quite a week for the town I call home. The week began like it does in most towns, visiting the mall to get pictures with Santa for the kids, Christmas shopping, and company Christmas parties.

Then on Monday afternoon something terrible happened that shook Tupelo to the core, 2 on duty Tupelo police officers were shot in broad daylight from a ruthless would be bank robber. Sadly one of the officers Corporal Kevin “Gale” Stauffer would die from his injuries becoming the first police officer in the history of the Tupelo Police Department to die in the line of duty. The second officer Joseph Maher was in critical condition at first and has since been upgraded to serious and moved into a private room and able to walk with assistance, he has a long road ahead in recovery.

As a town we wept for the loss of Corp. Stauffer who was posthumously promoted to the rank of Sergeant, but more importantly we came together to support the Tupelo Police Department and more importantly the family of the 2 officers. Sgt. Stauffer leaves behind a wife and 2 children ages 6 and 2.

The FBI field office in Jackson, MS setup a command post in Tupelo and the manhunt was on for the man who did this terrible thing. Then reports came in of a man in the same outfit trying to commit a bank robbery earlier that Monday in Atlanta along with bank camera captures confirmed it was the same guy.

Than on Saturday it was reported that a bank robber was killed in a shootout with Phoenix police officers. Hopes were high this was the same guy and today the FBI confirmed it was the same man via cell phone records obtained via court order that confirmed he was in Atlanta, Tupelo, and of course Phoenix on the corresponding days.

As a town we are healing, we are happy that this man will not be able to hurt anymore people, but more importantly the family of the 2 officers has a peace of mind that justice has been served and they can now begin the long process of recovery and healing. We are #TupeloStrong!



NFL Sunday

It’s the first Sunday of the NFL season. So far I’ve enjoyed the Titans beating the Steelers in Pittsburgh, a thriller in the Meadowlands, and now watching the Packers and 49ers…Go Packers!!



I’ve never had issues with alcohol to the point where it became an addiction. I drink here and there, if I’m lucky I have 1 beer a month. I can count the times I had a bit too much on one hand all my life. But I do know people that have or do struggle with alcoholism. So when I watched Glenn Beck last night I was completely glued to the TV and hearing Laurie Dhue’s story of her 18 year addiction to alcohol. It is one of the most honest, self revealing interviews I have ever seen. Glenn himself is a recovering alcoholic which makes the interview even more real and genuine. I felt I have to share this for those that may have their own addiction issues even if it isn’t with alcohol.




Staycation 2013

So I am on vacation this week. Last year we went to California and Washington State for vacation and shortly after returning I landed a job at Computer Universe as the Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. This year I am not going anywhere, I may not even get to Tennessee really so this is a staycation with my wife back at work at the school and all. But it is nice to get out of the house with either my parents or our nanny Aimee babysitting.

So what will I do? Well with 2 girls and a full-time job I have not had the time to organize time for myself and let’s be honest we should make time for ourselves in health and fitness both physically through exercise and mentally with a good book. I don’t think that is being selfish, you need to take care of yourself for your loved ones and not just yourself.  So I’m looking forward to getting back into my workout routine and reading some great material.


Walking again

This past week I started putting my feet to the pavement again. I have been meaning to do this for quite some time but lacked motivation.

The motivation to start up again came from an unlikely source, hockey. I am a HUGE Anaheim Ducks fan and they had a breakout year this season, winning the Pacific Division and capturing the #2 seed in the West. Unfortunately they faced a hot team in the Detroit Redwings and after 7 games, were beaten 4 games to 3, it sucked, it was painful, and I hate Detroit more than any other team in hockey.

I took that passion and fire and turned it into fuel. The following day, I hit the pavement. I did 2.77 miles on my first outing, 2 days later I did 4 miles, and then 2 miles and 3.26 miles to close out the first week.

I figure my Ducks will be back next year and even better with a renewed fire. A lot of the players will pick up on their off season training so this is me bonding with my team. I hate to lose and I will not lose to obesity anymore, I am mad that there are shirts and shorts that don’t fit me right at this point, but they will soon enough. Just like my Ducks will be back next year to win the Stanley Cup, I will be running a half marathon before I know it.

I have caught a fire in the belly and strong determination, I will not settle anymore!


My Food Plan

Well, it’s another week and last week you will recall I mentioned I would share what I have been eating to help with my weight loss.

For breakfast before work I stop by Subway and get a breakfast sandwich usually with an egg white on English Muffin, it is usually between 160-190 calories, enough to hold me over until lunch time.

For lunch I go to either Sweet Peppers Deli or Atlanta Bread. Both have great low calorie and low sodium offerings. At Atlanta Bread I like the Chicken Waldorf Sandwich. It is about 450 calories and a sodium count of 510.

Finally, there is dinner, usually this is my big meal of the day on calories and sodium. Sometimes it can be a footlong Subway Turkey Breast sandwich about 620 calories or a Chargrilled Chicken Club from Chick-fil-A about 400 calories plus side options.

Going forward, I am going to try and fix things from home to save money as I become a smart grocery shopper on healthy food.

Also I wanted to share it has now been over a week since I last had a regular Coke and 4 days since any soda at all. It has not been easy and I do get caffeine cravings here and there, but thankfully no headaches. I am also drinking between 40-48 ounces of water a day.

That is all for this week, next week I will tell you what I am doing for exercise and fitness. Have a great week!

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